• Superwinch Roam module

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    ROAM pairs with smart devices and your winch via a secure Wi-Fi network created by the ROAM logic box.  From motor temperature (sampled several times a second) to amp draw to battery voltage and so much more, ROAM warns of performance issues.  No more guesswork.

    Most Superwinch owners can upgrade their winch with ROAM (see compatibility list below).  ROAM plugs right into your winch's remote socket and includes a small hardware box, motor temp sensor and battery lead extension.  Installation is a snap. 

    What can ROAM do for you?

      • motor temperature (with preset warnings for your particular Superwinch)
      • run time
      • amp draw (with preset warnings for your particular Superwinch)
      • battery voltage
      • Estimated Load 
      • Estimated Speed
      • Wireless remote control with a range over 50'
      • Save winch session history
      • Post winch session stats to social media and email - Facebook and Twitter fans rejoice!
      • live chat through app for tech support
      • toggle between US and metric measurements
      • swipe to pause winching
      • Remote control limited to one device

    ROAM consists of hardware and software.  The hardware is a logic box that mounts on your vehicle, trailer or spaceship.  The software is downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

    ROAM Compatible ModelPart Number
    S-Series, X9, S9000, X Series2914
    Tiger Shark, LP8500/10,0002916