Mule Ultra Roof Rack Load Bars


Add-On roof bars for your Mule Ultra Roof Rack for mounting additional accessories such as roof-top tents.

Kit includes:

  • 2 extruded aluminum load barsĀ 
  • 4 brackets to mount load bars to your Expedition One Mule Ultra Roof Rack, powder-coated black. The aluminum load bars can either replace an Ultra roof rack slat or sit above the slat using a provided mounting bracket
  • 4 brackets to mount most roof-top tents, zinc coated*
  • Mounting hardware
* The tent mounting brackets may or may not work with your specific roof-top tent, as there are multiple roof top tent variations, requiring you to provide your own specific tent mount solution to the bars.

**Roof top tent mounts are not recommended on truck racks. We would recommend the Mule Bedrack Kit for mounting tents on your truck application.