• KL Cherokee Front Bumper


    We cannont guarantee electronic systems in the Tech Package will work with your vehicle.


    • Center Hoop - $80.00
    • Washer Fluid Relocation Kit - $300.00 (Highly Recommended)


    • Made of aluminum outer shell with steel reinforcements
    • 3/16" Steel winch mount and skids, 3/16" aluminum outer bumper shell
    • Approximate bumper weight - 100lbs
    • Skid plates included
    • Increased approach angle design
    • 1" clevis mounts
    • Designed & made here in the USA
    • Comes standard with small led light cutouts (lights sold separately)


    What is included in the bumper price?

    ·         3/16" steel winch box/internal bumper

    ·         3/16" steel transition skid plate

    ·         3/16" steel radiator frame reinforcement (and transition to OEM engine skid plate)

    ·         3/16" aluminum bumper skin

    ·         Black, textured powder coating

    ·         All necessary fasteners

    ·         Detailed instructions for disassembly of OEM hardware and assembly of Exp-One hardware.

    ·         Features: 1" thick clevis tabs for standard 3/4" shackles, Hi-Lift jack lift points, increased approach angle

    ·         Total Weight: approx. 100 lbs

    What options are available?

    ·         Center Hoop, $80.00

    ·         Washer Fluid Relocation Kit, $300

    ·         Technology Package Cutouts, available upon request

    ·         Any other accessories in the Expedition One Store

    How big a project is installing the KL bumper?
    Estimated 3-5 hours depending on your skill level and efficiency. No special tools are required. All mounting holes use existing OEM geometry. Requires relocation of some lower front quarter panel internal components like the washer fluid reservoir and the intake air goose neck. TH owners will need to trim 1/4"-1/2" from the lowest point of the front quarter panel fascia. Non-TH owners may require more trimming based on fascia design.

    What is the Washer Fluid Relocation Kit?
    Since the primary design of the KL Bumper is to open up the front wheel exposure, the washer fluid reservoir on the driver's side and the intake air goose neck on the passenger side needs to relocated. Washer Fluid Relocation Kit is an option to replace the OEM reservoir with an easily accessible reservoir that has an increased capacity of 2-gal. The kit comes with a 3/16" steel, off-road battery/reservoir mounting bracket and metal tie down straps, which replaces the OEM plastic battery bracket. The kit does not include a battery. A smaller aftermarket battery similar to the Optima Redtop footprint will be required. The OEM pump, float sensor and tubing are reused.

    Will my OEM suspension support the KL Bumper?
    The KL Bumper and skid plates weigh about 100 lbs. The OEM parts to be removed weigh about 50 lbs. Hence, the net increase is 50 lbs. The off-road suspension struts of the TH will probably handle this, but the standard suspension of the Sport, Latitude and Limited probably will not. The additional weight of a 9500-lb winch (about 75 lbs.) and a center hoop will cause TH owners to think about beefier front suspension springs.

    Does the KL Bumper impact the headlight beam?
    No, the projectors are not impacted by the bumper geometry.

    How come there are no fog light cutouts?
    The original prototype design included fog light cutouts; however, installation of the fog lights impacted the headlight mounting brackets. Rather that modifying the OEM headlight mounting brackets, it was decided to remove the fog lights. Fog lights can be mounted on the top of the bumper or on the center hoop as an accessory.

    Does your bumper support winches?
    So far we have only been able to actually test fit one winch and so we are recommending the ComeUp Seal Gen2 9.5 NON-integrated winch for best fit at this time. Other winches in the 8,000-9,000 lb range will also fit however we have not test fit other specific models yet. The biggest restrictions you will run into with winch fit will be the height and the ability to 'clock' the clutch handle so those are things to watch for in determining winch fit. If you have a specific winch in mind and want to send us the measurements we can give you a general idea if it is likely to fit.

    This product contains chemicals known to the state of california to cause birth defects or
    other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.gov