• Flat Panel Geri Water Packs

    $89.99 $80.99

    The Expedition One Geri Fuel and Water Packs are made from from a hi-density polymer plastic and comes with a self enclosed flex spout with a sure seal anti-vibration fuel cap. Designed to handle loads of up to 800lbs of gear stacked on top of it. Dimensions 34" X 13.5" X 3.25". **Pictures show Geri Packs mounted with optional Geri Latch (holds 1 pack) and latch extension to hold 2 Packs.

    Each pack holds 4 gallons. Water pack is BPA free and FDA approved for drinking. Available in BLACK or WHITE.

    * Water cans are temporary storage devices and are not recommended as long term storage containers.┬áRecommended use for Geri water containers are for short term use only. It is recommended you cycle through water and/or dispense of water into an appropriate storage container regularly. It is recommended you do not store your Geri container in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.´╗┐