• 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Front Ultra HD Skid Plates (Complete System)

    $899.99 $719.99

    Our 3rd Gen (2016+) Toyota Tacoma Ultra HD Front Skid Plates brings some nuanced yet rugged additions to what's typically available on the market today. Our large radius corners provide a smoother transition when colliding with large trail objects giving you a solid and durable investment for your vehicle. The removable, recessed panels not only give you access to your oil, transmission and transfer case areas but are also designed to retain a smooth, uninterrupted surface with the rest of the skid. 


    • Made of sturdy 3/16" High-Grade Steel
    • Removable access panels for both oil, transmission and transfer case
    • Large radius corners helps transition the impact with large trail objects
    • Side mount brackets provide extra durability for the rear transfer case skid plate
    • Comes in either Bare Metal or Textured Black powder coat
    • Approximate weight: Front Skid - 50lbs / Rear Skid - 80lbs

    What is included with purchase:

    • Ultra HD Front Skid Plate
    • Ultra HD Rear Skid Plate
    • Required Skid Plate Hardware